Artificial turf

No matter how attractive a natural grass lawn may be, the need for intensive care and permanent maintenance must take into consideration during the planning phase. This leisure turf can offer the ideal solution for the customers needs as it is specially tufted artificial carpet without any particular pile direction and is extremely soft with watering is no longer required!

Soccer turf
●     Bring you the brand-new sports feeling
●     The enhanced backing design can strengthen the life of the pitch
●     High quality grass fiber has good friction and low abrasion
●     Minimize the risk of skin burn
●     Special perpendicular drainage system enhances the water permeability and is suitable for all weather conditions.
●     Optimal ball rebound and reliable under-foot friction and grip, which can be comparable to the natural turf
●     Speedy sliding performance
●     Safe in traction

Tennis turf
●     Tennis turf can meet customer’s different requirements for tennis court given our mature technology and know-how. Our tennis turf can offer optimal ball bounce and excellent turning and sliding characteristics. We can offer different color and combinations and specifications for customer to choose from. This is the most durable solution and ideal for new court and construction and older court renovation.

Hockey turf
●     Hockey turf exhibit a high level of color fastness and UV resistance, and are of extremely durable and long lasting. It resists against moisture, mould, moss and rot. In 1996, we have introduced the artificial hockey turf system from the Netherlands, and set up the most advanced hockey training base which is the best training base in China.
Golf turf
●     Golf is growing its popularity worldwide. It is indispensable leisure facilities in a lot of residential resorts and amusement centers. Our golf turf offers the perfect solution for putting green & driving ranges, as the yarn we used is extremely soft and can offer excellent sports performance characteristics. More importantly, we can offer a well-kept appealing appearance and low running cost.
Running track artificial turf
●     Low cost, good quality and appealing outlook
●     Easy to install and is save to the environment
●     Suitable for concrete or asphalt base
●     No moss, no rots and fully colorfast
●     Excellent water permeability and will not pop up or exfoliate like rubber running track system 
●     All lines are tufted-in during production and are wear-resistant. 
●     It save costs for painting lines on site. 
Having excellent ball bounce and traction, artificial turf is the ideal solution for different kinds of sports like soccer, tennis, handball and golf and leisure etc. Even for hockey, the artificial can offer the best turf solution given its enhanced sliding characteristics which can improve the sports performance. Furthermore, artificial turf can reduce the risk of injury and require low maintenance cost. Artificial turf is suitable for different kinds of bases like concrete or other hard surfaces.
Artificial turf